Green School

Westwood began participating in the Green Schools Program October 2011.

Schools from 34 King County cities and unincorporated areas are reducing waste, increasing recycling, conserving resources, and cutting costs with help from the King County Green Schools Program. The program provides hands-on help and the tools that schools need, such as recycling containers and signs, to make improvements.

The program has served a growing number of schools each year - from 70 schools in 2008 to 251 schools this year, which is half of all K-12 schools in King County outside the City of Seattle.

“We’re pleased to recognize 77 schools and two school districts for their contributions toward helping us achieve our goal of a 70 percent recycling rate in King County,” said Pat McLaughlin, director of the King County Solid Waste Division.

Of the 251 schools participating in the program, as of June 2017

  • 232 schools have been recognized as Level One King County Green Schools for their waste reduction and recycling efforts;
  • 132 of those 232 Level One Green Schools have been recognized as Level Two schools for education and actions focused on energy conservation;
  • 100 of those 132 Level Two Green Schools have been recognized as Level Three schools for education and actions related to water conservation;
  • 91 of the 100 Level Three Green Schools have been recognized as Sustaining Green Schools for maintaining their Level One through Three practices and adding new conservation strategies and education.

“These 77 schools and two school districts initiated or improved sustainable practices, encouraging students and employees to reduce paper use, reduce food waste, recycle, or conserve energy and water, all of which reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change,” said Dale Alekel, Green Schools Program manager.

In addition to Green Schools Program assistance and recognition, King County offers support for student green teams, an elementary school assembly program, and classroom workshops for grades 1- 12 that teach students about conservation.

Learn more by contacting Dale Alekel at 206-477-5267.